1. Driving from Denver to Salt Lake City last February. 

  2. This man works at the teeny tiny visitor center in Encampment, Wyoming. He was a delight to talk with on our way through. 

  3. Sam & Carlene in Fort Collins, CO. 

  4. Behind Jim Morrison’s gravesite. Paris, France. 

  5. Jared. January 2011, South Philly. 

  6. White Sands, NM with iPhone 4s. 

  7. Texas desert. What happens when people go versus when they stay. 

  8. Clarksdale, Mississippi. 

  9. Paris. 

  10. Everywhere blue. 

  11. Erinn + Alice. South Philly. 

  12. The best place I have ever stayed in the United States. 

  13. Paris. 

  14. I miss the ocean, salt water taffy at Dolle’s and the smell of my grandmother’s house. 

  15. Abandoned grocery store. Indiana.