1. Prairie sunset. 0914.

  2. Paint Mines. 0914.

  3. Mountains for days. 1014. 

  4. Oregon. 0914.

  6. An orchard is never a bad place to be. 092014. 

  7. South Philly. 052010. 

  8. Charleston, SC. 012011.

  9. Asbury Park, NJ. 032011.

  10. Baltimore on slide film, 2002(?) 


    Some days I expect you. Sometimes it’s a limited depth of field that you want. Truth, facts, the true story, the real picture. Why do we hate? Sure.

    Dear friend, I can believe in the influence of Mars as fully as I can in the aorta. It’s all invisible, in a normal day—though felt, as rhythm or excitement or pressure. You have the plate you can’t drink from. And that one’s missing an arm. And making art, too, is a kind of disappearing. A bucket with holes, on purpose.

    /Kate Greenstreet

  11. Stemming from..

  12. Paint Mines, continued. 

  14. Paint Mines Interpretive Park // Calhon, CO. 

  15. Cañon City, CO.